The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on mental health awareness and the importance of integrated health services and assistive technology, particularly in the supported housing sector.

A recent report published by Look Ahead, found that supported housing can increase capacity for the NHS and aid recovery from the pandemic. The findings revealed that integrated services (and products), open up the opportunity to increase capacity for valuable NHS inpatient services to meet the extreme demands of unanticipated health crises.

In addition to relieving vital NHS resources, significant cost savings can be made to the NHS and local authority providers of social care when utilising third-party privately-owned companies in the supported housing and assistive technology sectors.

Considering Touchbase specifically, the device enables direct access to a support network and can be programmed to specific contacts such as a mental health helplines, care professional and support workers. Wellbeing and maintenance calls deliver added-value to the care package, ensuring regular contact with tenants.

It is no surprise that care provided by supported housing providers facilitates better recovery. Combine this with assistive technology such as Touchbase, that provides a reliable, effective solution to help reduce the risk of loneliness and mental health relapses, and the benefits are significant.