In January 2021, Enabling Me appointed George Birch as Chief Executive Officer. George has a strong commercial background in facilities management across the UK and Middle East, having spent 5 years living in the UAE. He brings a wealth of experience in business management, international sales and change management.

George is responsible for driving growth, with a focus on product and service innovation, and building the Enabling Me brand within the supported housing sector. We conducted a brief interview to get to know him a little better:

What is it like being part of the Enabling Me team?

Moving into a new industry is always a challenge, particularly when you add moving from another country! That being said, coming into Enabling Me has been a breath of fresh air, some excellent work has gone into the development of TouchBase and a great product is the result of that hard work. The team at Enabling Me have been extremely welcoming, they’re focused and genuinely committed to making the lives of tenants and housing officers better within the supported housing sector. I look forward to driving the business forward and bringing in more great people as we grow.

What do you believe separates Enabling Me from its competitors?

With TouchBase we are currently enjoying first-mover status within the sector. Whilst there are similar products in the market there is nothing that can be directly compared to TouchBase. The product is extremely agile in that it can be tailored to specific tenant needs, whether that be mental health, social isolation, substance abuse, PTSD and many more.

Will there be a Touchbase 2.0?

It’s something we are working on right now. We have enjoyed great success with TouchBase and it’s only natural that we want to make things even better. Our customers have been fantastic at taking part in workshops and providing valued feedback; and we aim to have another model with additional features ready for market later this year.

Where do you see Enabling Me in 5 years? 

As with any new business, we need to focus on a year-by-year basis. We have enjoyed significant growth over the last few months and project further growth throughout the rest of the year. Whilst the focus of TouchBase has been how it can benefit tenants; it also provides huge benefits to the care providers, both operationally and financially. So, in terms of the future, we will be exploring how we can provide additional service offerings through TouchBase in order to assist care providers and their day to day activities. In addition, we are also exploring peripheral technologies to link in with TouchBase.